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BIM has already established itself in many countries. It has been shown that it makes sense to plan, create and operate buildings, structures and infrastructures with BIM. In the following years, objects planned with BIM will also be demolished. BIM will then also be used for the sustainable disposal or recycling of individual components. BIM is a technical discipline. The focus is on digital models and data, as well as their use in creation, operation and demolition. The large-scale use of BIM is changing the organization of companies, the cooperation of companies and teams in a sustainable way. Technologies change and change faster than people. Yet it is people who want to use modern techniques efficiently. It is precisely there that our BIM Quality Check comes in.

Why should we do the BIM Quality Check?

BIM is changing the organizations in a sustainable way. With our BQC, you can check where you and your company stand in a neutral manner. The BQS gives you the chance to identify potential for improvement.

Why should everyone in the company participate in the BIM Quality Check?

When companies start with BIM, the rollout affects only a small core force. All the other employees are watching and listening. We doubt that last statement. Do everyone really get how BIM develops in your companies? Have you already taken a concrete inventory? Do you know which employees you need to support individually? That is why it is important to interview all employees and to carry out this survey in a neutral manner.

Is the BIM Quality Check anonymous?

You want to develop your business further. To this end, it is imperative to receive honest and fearless answers to all questions, nor to conduct group surveys. BIM projects need to be dealt with in an agile, transparent and cooperative manner. BIM projects become productive when the strong help the weak. But that’s what it must come to. The BQS allows us to see what level of transparency your company really exists. If you are not there yet, however, then you need insights and your employee’s protection. If all parties agree, then anonymity can also be lifted.

Is it possible to derive results from the BIM Quality Check questions?

Yes, if the questions are answered honestly. Among the questions are control issues. Based on the control questions, we can see whether the answers are realistic in sum. We cannot do one thing: We cannot force anyone to give honest answers. We can only motivate each one to give realistic answers.

Do we get a BIM Quality Check certificate?

No, but we thought about it. Certificates or seal of approval are typically intended to show that a company or employee has a specific qualification or achieves or adheres to certain goals. It makes sense if you can show that you are able to properly create a BIM model with a software, or that your software has a current IFC interface. It also makes sense for a company to commit to meeting the organizational objectives and service qualities set out in ISO 9001. All current certificates certify to you or your company that your services or products meet or comply with certain limits. Individual BIM knowledge and BIM team services have no limited and certified limits or limits. The BIM Quality Check documents your current status quo and shows neutrally how you can develop yourself and your company.

Do you also offer BIM consultations or BIM training?

No, we do not have these services in our program. If you take neutrality seriously, these services are mutually exclusive. We write and report neutrally on BIM. We also talk about BIM topics. We show possibilities, but we do not become individually specific. We offer a neutral BIM Quality Check.

After the BIM Quality Check, why should I involve my BIM consultant and my CAD system house in the further development of my company?

If you have a trusting relationship with your partners, then it makes sense to involve your partners. You can help design necessary training courses and deliver necessary products to you. Your partners will be happy if you can work actively and concretely with you to shape the future of your company.

How is the BIM Quality Check carried out?

The BQC is completely digital. Visits on site are not planned. This increases the neutrality of the statement. “Home visits” spontaneously create sympathies or antipathies that can affect the outcome.

The company hands us a lister of employees. This is critical because we need to be mindful of data protection. We write to every employee digitally. We only need the email address and the name. All other information about gender, age, position, etc. is not relevant to the outcome. Only we have the individual results after the survey and can assign the statements to individual employees. The data will only be used for the BIM Quality Check.

The BIM Quality Check consists of about 200 questions. The answer takes about 2 to 3 hours. All questions will be answered according to multiple choice or single choice. A free text does not make sense and is too elaborate in answering. The response can be interrupted at any time. Changes can also be made. Questions to us are also possible if someone is not sure.

After a period agreed with the company, the data will be deleted. We don’t behave like the social network known to all of us.

We agree with the companies for an answer period. All those who have not responded get a reminder from us. The management of the company is only asked for help afterwards. A boycott is not in the spirit of the company and the employees. A positive development of all jobs depends on the outcome of the BQC.

The evaluation is extensive. It would be nice to have a software solution for this. But software would not be able to work out the subtleties. Based on the investigations, we create different charts with an accompanying text. In the end, we make a recommendation for action.

How much does the BIM Quality Check cost?

Prices depend on the number of employees in your companies. The complete BIM Quality Check we carried out digitally in German or English. For a request, please use our Form Request BIM Quality Check (BQC)

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